While I’m Waiting

I will serve

“While I’m waiting”…it’s one of our favorite songs.  One line says, “While I’m waiting, I will serve you”.  We personally believe this is how we are to live our daily lives.  God places many things on our hearts; whether we pursue them is up to us.  One of these being to foster children.  So began all the required classes/training, home study and paper work. We did not know that it would be 3 1/2 years after first beginning this process until finally being placed with our first foster-child.  We also did not foresee that this would take place during the same time we were appointed as missionaries to Uganda!  Since there are only 10 months before we leave, we discussed whether or not to remove our names from the fostering list.

After talking and praying about it, we decided that if the Lord wanted us to foster before leaving overseas He would open that door.  Well, He did.  And isn’t it just like Him that He would give us an emergency temp placement?  This simply means that this child is only with us for a short time (a few weeks, possibly a little longer) until they can place her into a special facility that can meet her specific needs.  We truly feel blessed and privileged to be able to do this.

Alyssa (13 yo) has been wonderful during her first two weeks here.  She seems to have adjusted well.  Better than we ever expected!  The children have welcomed her with open arms.  You can find them playing games, doing crafts, watching T.V., playing hair/make-up, or just cutting up and laughing.  She has such a sweet, contagious laugh!  And sometimes you can find her having a heart-to-heart with me and crying on my shoulder. Like she did the other day after the social worker came for a visit.

We are more confident than ever before that we are doing the right thing.  We are doing something that we believe will last longer than just a few weeks.  We pray that it will have eternal value.  So, while we are waiting (to go to Uganda), we will continue to serve Him! While we are waiting, we will continue to pour out the love of Jesus to whoever He places in our path.

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We have very exciting news to share with all of you, our friends and family. On March 12, 2014, we finally heard the news we had longed for! Our family has been appointed as FULL TERM MISSIONARIES to the Ssese Islands of Uganda! We first requested information from African Inland Missions on March 13, 2012, which started the ball rolling…two years later, after much prayer, paper work, interviews, orientation, trainings, reading and studying we have been officially appointed!!!!  We will be assigned as church planters with the intention of discipleship while helping to raise up African church leaders. Our mission and vision is to see Christ-centered churches established and thriving among all of Africa’s people! The goal date for our departure is January 2015. We covet your support through prayer, especially during these next several months.


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